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Power LED Blinking on Wavlink Router: Reasons and Solutions

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Power LED Blinking on Wavlink Router- A blinking power LED is a common issue with Wavlink WiFi router devices. Almost every Wavlink router user faces this problem at some point.


Generally, this issue is instantly fixable but it might persist for a longer time in some cases. It is important to first identify the exact reason behind the issue. And it is only possible when you have adequate knowledge and understanding of the Wavlink router device, its features & functions, and effective troubleshooting hacks. If you don’t have that knowledge, this troubleshooting guide on the Power LED blinking on the Wavlink Router issue can help you fix the issue instantly.

Let’s first start with one-by-one possible reasons and solutions!

Possible Reasons and Solutions For Wavlink Blinking Power LED

Several factors can induce the power LED blinking on Wavlink router. A few most common ones with the appropriate solutions are below:

Reason- Setup Processing

If you have just completed the Wavlink Router Setup process, you might notice the Power LED blinking on Wavlink router. This is usual and an indication that your device is processing the setup and saving the settings. There is no need to worry at all with this power LED blinking.

Solution- Wait For A Few Seconds

You need not do anything if you are noticing the blinking power LED on your Wavlink device due to setup processing. Simply, wait for a few seconds and let the device process and save the configured settings.

Reason- Reset Processing

When you reset your Wavlink WiFi router device, you usually see a blinking power LED. So, it is normal and if you have just pressed the Factory Reset button on your Wavlink Router device, you shouldn’t worry about that blinking power LED.

Solution- Wait For a Few Seconds

Wait for a few seconds and let your Wavlink Router Device boot up and process the reset function.

Note- In both above scenarios, if the power LED keeps blinking for an unusual time, you should try power cycling the device. If the issue doesn’t resolve after that also, consider speaking to Wavlink Customer Service experts.

Reason- Firmware Update Processing

Most Wavlink WiFi router models have a feature that induces the Power LED to blink during the firmware update process. If you experience a Power LED blinking on Wavlink Router during the firmware update process, you need nothing to do. It is a programmed feature only.

Solution- Let the Firmware Update Process Happen

If you find the Power LED blinking on the Wavlink router during the firmware update process, let the process complete. Do not interrupt or else you might have to start the update process from scratch using the wifi.wavlink.com.

Reason- Hardware Issue

There could be a hardware issue in your Wavlink WiFi router device. It could be related to a particular component in the device, power supply, or overheating. You can identify the exact reason by overviewing the components and verifying the power supply.

Solution- Try Troubleshooting or Contact Experts

If overheating is the issue, power off the device right away and let it cool down for at least half an hour. Also, place the device in a fully ventilated area so that the device can cool down within a minimum time. In case the issue is in the power supply, check the power outlet and power cables to find if there is any problem. Hardware issues are tough to troubleshoot. Take help from Wavlink Customer Service experts.

Reason- Network Problem

In some cases, network problems are the reason behind the power LED blinking on Wavlink router. If you do not have a fast, stable, and consistent internet connection, you may face the blinking Power LED on your Wavlink router device.

Solution- Try Some Troubleshooting Hacks or Speak to Your ISP

If network connectivity is the problem, first, ensure a firm connection between your link WiFi router and the existing modem. Check the ethernet wire properly from one end to another to ensure there are no cuts and bruises.

If you do not detect any issue with the connection, test the internet speed and supply to see if there is proper internet supply from your ISP. In case you find an issue with the internet supply and speed, contact your ISP directly and ask for an instant solution.

You can also try restarting your modem or Wavlink router device. This may help eliminate the Power LED blinking on Wavlink Router issue.

Reason- Incorrect Device Settings and Configuration

Similar to Wavlink Extender Setup, while attempting to configure your Wavlink router device or optimizing the settings, if you made a mistake at some point, the blinking Power LED on Wavlink Router could be an indication of that.

Solution- Take Help From the User Manual or Reset or Reconfigure the Device

Go through the manual and try to fix the incorrect settings. If that’s tough for you, simply reset the device by pressing the “Factory Reset” button on the device. It will take only a few seconds for the device to restore its Factory Default Settings. Once you complete the Reset process, you will not notice the blinking Power LED on the Wavlink router again.

Concluding Remarks

The Power LED Blinking on Wavlink Router can happen due to several reasons. In most cases, it is easily fixable. In fact, there is nothing to troubleshoot to fix this issue. However, in certain cases, you may have to try out some troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. Consider the above-mentioned solutions to get rid of the Wavlink router Power LED blinking problem.