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How To Use A Static IP Address?

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Static IP address helps you to facilitate remote access solutions and establish network protection. Configuration of the static IP addresses is a very simplest or easiest process. On this page, you will learn the configuration instructions of static IP addresses step by step.

Static Ip Address

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a unique set of numbers assigned to each gadget that has access to an internet connection. The number considers a specific format: the set of numbers separated by a dot. The IP address contains geolocations and another identifier that enable the device to get and transfer information from each other.

There are two types of IP addresses:

  • Static IP address.
  • Dynamic IP address

What Is The Use Of Static IP Addresses?

A static IP address is always fixed, which means it never changes. These are preferred for the computer configuration as servers, for gadgets sharing a printer, or are linked with the server from anywhere.

The static IP address also provides much more reliable geolocation and extends network protection. The static IP address also provides the user with extra capabilities and protection over a network connection.

Businesses can use the static address for strategic purposes such as hosting and creating servers. Static IP addresses can easily pick up in any geolocation. It makes them a flexible option for internal options.

Why Static IP address Is Better Than Other IP Address

1- Easily Link With Your Computer:

In modern times, it is very important to find the files and other data information that is saved on your computer, even when you are not close to it. The static IP address allows the user to attach to the computer from anywhere with the use of VPNs. In case a device is linked, it means that the data is stored in accessible.

2- Extend Internet Speed:

With the help of the static IP address, you can easily transfer the files, upload documents, and download content as compared to other IP addresses such as dynamic ones.

3- Good Research:

As compared to the other IP address, static IP addresses will help you to provide correct geolocation data. It is beneficial whether you are mining the geographical data from visitors to your site.

4- Extend Reliability Of VOIP Calls:

The Static IP address also helps you to increase the reliability of VOIP calls as well as an app such as zoom, skype, Facetime, google meet, etc.

5- Increase Protection:

Dynamic or other IP addresses are also more secure because they are frequently changing. While on the other hand, there are additional protection layers with static IP addresses, which helps to ensure that any protection problem is solved.

How To Configure a Static IP Address?

On MAC Device:

  • First, you will need to open MAC and pick system preferences.
  • Now, handpick the network and then pick up the network which you are using.
  • After that, choose an advanced option.
  • Now, you will need to adopt TCP/IP
  • Further, choose ConfigureIPv4 > manually.
  • Next, in the IPv4 address field, enter the static IP address in the required field.
  • In the end, tap on the apply button.

On Window 10:

  • Initially, you will need to enter the settings of your computer.
  • Now, pick the network and internet options.
  • Further, choose your internet network connection.
  • Next, pick manage known network> properties > IP settings.
  • After that, pick, edit, and then manual.
  • Moreover, pick IPv4 and switch it on.
  • Afterward, insert an IP address that you want to be static.
  • Now, type ‘ipconfig’ into the window and insert the portal information.
  • In the end, save all the changed settings.

On Android Mobile Phones

  • First, go to the settings of your mobile phone and pick ‘internet connection’ > ‘WiFi’
  • Now, you will need to select the gear icon option which appears beside your current network.
  • After that, go to IP settings and then static.
  • After this, insert a static IP address.
  • Lastly, save all the settings.

On IOS Gadgets:

  • Initially, launch settings and pick the WiFi option.
  • After that, click on network.
  • Now, in IPv4 pick ‘Configure IP’ and then ‘manually’.
  • Finally, enter the static IP address.

Configure IP Address Through Router:

Note: Different bands of the router use different systems, so these instructions would not relate the same to your router.

  • First, go to the configuration page of the router.
  • Now, navigate the section from the configuration page with names such as LAN settings, static IP address, or DHCP reservation.
  • In the router network, insert the MAC address of the device.
  • After that, fill in the static IP address that you wish to assign to that gadget.
  • In the end, save all the changes.

Difference Between Static And Dynamic IP Address

In the terminology, there is the main difference between static and dynamic IP addresses. Static IP address character means that stays the same throughout the story. On the other hand, the dynamic IP address character means changes throughout the story. Both static and dynamic IP addresses consider the same pattern as static IP address refers to unchanged and Dynamic IP address refers to change. It means that the character of the Static address does not change, while on another hand dynamic address can change.

Security Protection Of Static Address

The static IP address does not seem more protective because the static address does not change the character and data. It may be very easy for the hacker to guess it. As well as static IP addresses are also very easy to track.

Take Away

We expect, after the study of this page, you will be able to get and configure the static IP address. As well as this, you will also learn the difference between static and dynamic IP addresses. Still, If you’re facing any trouble then contact our team experts.

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