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To do the Wavlink extender setup, you can choose any option from three processes, such as the WPS, web-based portal, or WiFi app. But, to access the extender’s default web setup portal, you will require to use any web browser on the networked device. Maybe you are not aware of the setup process if you are doing it for the first time. But, in this blog post, we will provide some useful setup tips regarding the configuration procedure.

WPS Configuration Method For Extender

Fortunately, you can choose to follow the WPS process for the extender if your existing router has a WPS button. For doing this process, make sure to check the router’s WPS button which must be in working condition. Place the extender near the router and plug both devices into the power sockets. Verify the power LEDs on both devices and press the WPS buttons from both gadgets separately. Lastly, check the WPS lights and in this way, the setup process will be complete shortly. Thereafter, unplug the Wavlink extender and relocate it to that place where you face slow internet speed. As a result, the WiFi dead spots will be removed by placing the extender in that place.

wavlink extender setup

Required Things For Setup

Unlike the WPS setup process, the other two approaches require some things which you will use during the process. Those essential things are listed below.

  • Any device to make a connection with the extender.
  • Extender’s login details to access the login portal.
  • Also, the web or IP address of the extender.
  • The router’s network’s password to make a wireless connection.
  • An ethernet wire for making a wired connection.
  • Access to the web browser, App Store, and internet on your device.

Web-Based Setup Process

Once the extender’s network is created and your device is attached to it, open the web browser immediately. For connecting your device, either you can choose a wireless network or use an ethernet cable for a wired one. Later, search for the extender’s default web address which is wifi.wavlink.com in the browser’s search field. Alternatively, you can use the extender’s IP address to access the login page.

As you click on the enter button, the login portal will be on the device’s screen within a few seconds. Insert the extender’s username and password in the field and click Sign-In. Alternatively, you can search for the extender’s IP address in case you face an error in the web address. From the next on-screen page, do the setup process by choosing the extender network from the list.

Wavlink App Setup Process

Apart from those two setup processes, you can use the Wavlink smart WiFi app to set up your extender. For this process, install the Wavlink app on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Whereas, use the Apple App Store if you are an iOS device user and get the app from there. Ensure to select the official app which must be the latest version. After that, open the app and fill in the extender’s default username and password in the prompted field and do its setup using the on-screen directions appropriately.

Relocate The Extender

After setting up the Extender using any process, place it in another place. But, while doing that, make sure your extender is within the range of the router. The ideal location for your extender is the center of your place. Further, keep the metallic and home appliances far from the extender network so that there will be no signal interruptions. It is advisable to check the extender placement often for better connectivity. Also, keep your networked device closer to the extender.

Improve Network Performance

After configuring the Wavlink extender, it is necessary to monitor and manage the network to get its optimized performance. Which includes changing the wireless settings, such as bandwidth channels, SSID network name, and password. Also, the dual frequency bands of the network must be active every time. Changing and setting a new SSID network name and password will make it unique and secure.

More than that, check the extender’s firmware version and update it if there is any new version available. Access the web-based setup portal to check and download the latest firmware file and do the updation process later. Keep in mind to choose the firmware file exactly of your extender model and that must be faultless.

Thus, these Wavlink extender setup points will be enough for you to configure your extender. However, if you are seeking more help, then directly get in touch with our team of experts. Doing so will enable you to get more guidance for your product installation.

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